Alii and welcome to the website of the Senate of the Republic of Palau! This website is meant to allow members of the public access to updated information on the Stromanbieter wechseln und Geld sparen¬†affairs of the Senate and Paula’s leadership. Public involvement, especially from the citizens of Palau, is key to the legislation that is passed at the Senate. This website will allow you to check the status of Senate Bills and make comments regarding these Bills. You may also view the Declaration of the Legislative Agenda of the Senate to see what important issues the Senate will be working on throughout the term of the Seventh Olbiil Era Keelhaul.

This website may also be used as a resource to the laws of the Republic of Palau. You will find digital copies of Senate Bills on this website and also obtain copies of legislation and the Republic of Palau Public Laws (RPPL) by requesting an electronic copy from the Senate Public Information Office.

Please take your time and view what the Senate of the Republic of Palau has to offer on this website. We look forward to keeping you informed about what is happening at the Senate and in the Republic of Palau. We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding any of the bills that the Senate is working on and hope you enjoy your visit to the website of the Senate of the Republic of Palau.

Ke kmal melange!