Alan R.seid

Senator Alan Rechuldak Seid was born on June 9, 1957 to a Palauan mother and an American Jewish father; he has lived in Palau all his life with the exception of continuing his education in the United States. He is married to Sophia Masami Seid and they have five children: Ilana, Sumang, Desiree, Alan, Jr., and Millenna Dibuk.


Senator Seid’s recent landslide victory to the Palau National Congress as a Senator brought him back to public life after four years as a private businessman. He serves the Senate as its Floor Leader and Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means and Financial Matters (WMFM). Senator Seid also serves as Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judiciary & Governmental Affairs and Foreign Relations (JGAFR), and member of the committees on Resources, Commerce, Trade and Development (RCTD), and Health, Education and Social Welfare (HESW).

Senator Seid had previously served twelve years in the House of Delegates representing Koror State in the Palau National Congress, at which time he played a role in the quest for Palau’s independence. In the House of Delegates, he served as Chairman of Ways & Means Committee as well as Vice Chairman of the Banking Committee. Mr. Seid also currently represents the State of Israel as its Honorary Counsel to Palau.

He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Micronesia Investment & Development Corporation (MIDCORP), a company founded by him and his brother with the sole purpose of creating and promoting new business concepts in Palau. MIDCORP is a leading development company in Palau with interest in hotels, real estates, golf course, banking, airlines, agriculture, aquaculture, and information technology. Senator Seid is also a seating Board member of Bank Pacific, an FDIC registered bank.

Senator Seid has been interviewed by many recognized international and regional magazines and newspapers. He was nominated for “Executive of the Year 2004” for Guam Business Magazine. He was featured on CNN program “Global Trend: Entrepreneurs Only,” interviewed by decorated reporter Mike Chinoy.

In community involvement, Senator Seid is a Board member of Dolphin Pacific, Morita Educational Scholarship, and a member of the Board of Regent for St. Johns School in Guam. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Board for Belau Modekngei School and a member of a Belau Cares, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Senator Seid is an avid spear gun fisherman, enjoys golf, baseball and spending time with his family.

Senate Floor Speaker Alan R. Seid
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